Faculty Activities


facultyTeaching, a primary activity in the University, is understood to mean the act of facilitating the acquisition of knowledge and skills with confidence and direction, geared towards the development of the analytical and creative faculties of students. Furthermore, the function of teaching includes specific tasks, such as student consultation, academic advising, and all other initiatives that facilitate the process of learning.


Research activities are deemed reflective of the level of disciplinal specialization attained by the individual and the entire academic faculty. Recognized for their particular capabilities, faculty members are expected to continually explore areas of inquiry through various forms of research. These forms include basic/applied research, materials development, papers for local and international conferences, articles, monographs, books for publication, research/seminar papers for graduate studies, feasibility studies, creative works and other research output related to external professional activities (e.g., consultancies, etc.).

Moreover, the research of academic faculty should address the requirements of the discipline (i.e. upgrading the teaching or re-examining the scope or reformulating the orientation of the entire discipline or just a single subject) and the development concerns of Philippine society.

Academic Development and Professional Growth

Faculty members are obligated to continuously develop their knowledge of and skills within the discipline to which they belong. The University shall ensure that they are afforded support in pursuing graduate studies and in participating in conferences/seminars and training programs to fulfill the abovementioned expectation in accordance with the provisions of the established Faculty Development Program.

The University also recognizes the reality that faculty members have to engage in other professional activities similarly meant to upgrade their skills and knowledge within their respective fields. In this regard, the University allows, within agreed-upon norms and University policies, the involvement of faculty members in discipline-related consultancies or projects beyond the confines of the academic community.

University and Community Service

As an extension of their academic functions, faculty members may be required by the University to participate in various councils/committees/boards that program/plan/implement curricular and/or co-curricular activities, and to engage in peer evaluation and academic advising upon request.

Faculty members are strongly encouraged to participate in community service either in University-sponsored community extension projects or in their own community/sectoral/ professional organizations. Participation of faculty members in these activities is regarded as part of their professional and personal commitment to the academic profession.