DLSU Innovation and Technology (DITECH) Fair

Started in 2012, the DLSU Innovation and Technology (DITECH) Fair is an annual event hosted by the DLSU Innovation and Technology Office (DITO) in partnership with the DLSU Intellectual Property Office (DIPO) to showcase and bring recognition to the best innovative solutions developed by De La Salle University. This is to encourage further development and nation-wide implementation through commercialization, protection of intellectual property rights, and collaboration with the government, industry and other research entities. Moreover, it is to inspire and cultivate the nature of research in the university to be led towards nation building and driven by the core values of St. John Baptist De La Salle.

Together with the exhibit, the event consists of plenary sessions associated to the specified theme for each year conducted by well-renowned speakers, a series of paper presentations on the selected works of innovation and creativity, and a student business pitch competition.