The Lasallian Vocation Center

The Lasallian Vocation Center is located at the Mutien Marie Room 14. The following services are being offered by the Lasallian Vocation Center:

  • Prayer and Spiritual Development Resources
    Reading and audio-visual materials on prayer, spirituality and Lasalliana are available for public use.
  • Assistance on Vocation Discernment
    Inquiring individuals for a possible personal talk with a vocation minister (experienced lay or brother) can be facilitated.
  • Apostolate Involvement
    Involvement in the Aspirancy apostolates will be opened to committed volunteers.
  • Resource Network for the Vocation Animation Team
    Promotion materials and readings are housed in the center for more effective distribution.
  • Coordination of the Contact and Aspirancy Program
    It serves as a meeting area for the activities of the contacts and the aspirants.