Aspirancy Program

Aspirancy Philosophy

aspirancy programAll of us are called to union with God, God speaks in the inner movements and stirrings of the heart to help us discover and accept the unique truth about ourselves. God then continually invites us to live out the vocation He has called us to. In freedom, we make a personal choice to live out this truth as honesty as we can and according to our abilities.

God speaks to us through the people and events of our personal life. We must thus prayerfully examine our experiences and make those decisions which shapes who we are. It is through personal prayer, study and reflection of Scripture, Sacramental participation, apostolic work, spiritual direction and critical reflection on personal life experiences rooted in our people and the signs of our times, and the daily responses that we make, that Gods reflection and self-knowledge come to us. By the interaction of all these, we discover our own and true vocation.

The Aspirancy Program attempts to provide a context for this interaction. It is a vocation discernment program. The approach is person centered and holistic, developmental and gradual, human and spiritual, individual and communal. The specific focus, which gives direction to the aspirancy Program, is the question: As far as I can discern god's will, and as far as he will reveal, am I called to be a De La Salle Brother?