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The constitution of the Philippines has declared it as a national policy the support of the continued existence and development of cooperatives in the country as an instrument in the promotion of equity, social justice and economic development,. The State recognizes the establishment of cooperatives as an avenue for the social and economic uplift of its members through the conduct of various programs and measures based on mutual assistance.

The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), on the other hand, envisions a conductive environment for the formation of a strong and viable cooperative sector that can contribute towards the expansion and equitable distribution of wealth, the increase socio-economic opportunities, mitigate the spread of poverty and empower the middle class in the country.

As a cooperative De La Salle Credit Cooperative was established in 1963 to promote thrift and savings among its members and provide funds to grant loans to its members. It started with an initial paid-up capital of P560 generated from its original 28 members. As of December 31, 2007, its membership has grown to 3032 members and its working capital has reached P158 Million and has been cited recently as one of the leading cooperatives in the country today.

Core Values

As steward of resources entrusted on us, our cooperative is founded on its commitment to efficiency andfinancial growth for service to members and the community at large


To be the leading provider of all financial needs of the Lasallian community


  1. To inculcate a culture of thrift and assist members to attain financial stability through periodic savings and financial discipline among members.
  2. To promote the upliftment of the quality of life of its members through mutual and cooperative programs.
  3. To ensure financial and organizational stability through good governance and prudent management of financial, human and other resources guided by the Lasallian values.
  4. To continually expand and improve services to members through the use of modern technology and availment of external resources.
  5. To lead in the integration of cooperative organizations among the Lasallian institutions in the Philippines.
  6. To continually support or work on programs and activities that address pressing socio-economic needs of the community.



Contact Information

De La Salle Credit Cooperative, Inc.
CDA Registration No.: MLA-C-806
Date Registered: July 30, 1991
Bro. John Hall
De La Salle University
2401 Taft Avenue
Manila, Philippines 1004

Tel. Nos. : (632) 536-02-37 (direct line)
(632) 524-46-11 locals 750, 274

E-mail: creditcoop@dlsu.edu.ph