Grading System

Listed below are graduate grades and their descriptions. Individual subject grades are used to compute for the cumulative grade point average (GPA). The cumulative GPA refers to the weighted average of grades from the first term in which the student was enrolled up to the trimester just finished. The following grading system is for the graduate programs of the Colleges of Business and Economics, Computer Studies, Education, Engineering, Liberal Arts, and Science.

Master's Program
Doctoral Program
4.0 Excellent Excellent
3.5 Very Good Very Good
3.0 Good Good
2.5 Satisfactory Fair/Pass
2.0 Fair/Pass No credit
1.5 No credit No credit
1.0 No credit No credit
0.0 Fail Fail

For the master's programs, subjects for which grades below 2.0 were obtained should be repeated. For the doctoral programs, subjects for which grades below 2.5 were obtained should be repeated.

A grade of Incomplete becomes W after one (1) term if the student fails to complete the course.

A grade of UW is equivalent to 0.0.For students who shift from one program to another of the above-mentioned colleges, courses not credited by the accepting college will be included in the computation of the GPA.

In case the student is enrolled in an academic subject with a "Pass" or "Fail" grade, the number of credit units is included in the computation of the total number of units a student is enrolled in during the trimester. This grade, however, will not be included in the computation of the GPA. Undergraduate pre-requisite courses/refresher courses are not included in the computation of the GPA. Final grades are submitted by the faculty members to the Registrar's Office on the date set by the Registrar's Office.


At any point during his/her stay in the University, a student who incurs two (2) grades of 0.0 is automatically dropped from the program.

Program Residency

To complete a graduate degree program, a master's student is given a maximum of eight (8) years. A doctoral student, on the other hand, is given a maximum of ten (10) years from the time of entry.

A student who goes beyond the maximum allotted time for residency will be required to take one (1) penalty course for every year of extension for a maximum period of three (3) years for master's student and five (5) years for doctoral student.

These rules apply provided the student satisfies the policies regarding academic good standing/retention.

All leaves of absence will be counted towards residency.