Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management Engineering minor in Service Management (BS IME-SM)

Another area of need that has evolved especially here in the Philippines is the growth of the service industry which is made up of Call Centers, Health Care, Public Service, Retail, and even Food Services. In fact, manufacturing a product of high quality is no longer the only requirement of a satisfied consumer, it is also imperative that a good product comes together with very good after-sales service.

Objectives for BS IME-SM

  • To train students who will combine the knowledge of designing and improving service processes that would emphasize on productivity and quality.
  • To train students to rigorously make use of quantitative techniques in analyzing and designing service operations.
  • To train students who will have the passion to engage in improving the service and its delivery.
  • To train students to understand the critical service operations in Call Center Operations, Health Care Operations, Food Service Operations, Public Administration, Airport Operations, and Finance and Banking Operations.

Program Description

The program combines the training of Industrial Engineering, which emphasizes on designing and improving processes that would have high productivity leading to quality products and services. It involves the study of service operations in the following areas: Food Service, Retail, Call Center, Banking and Finance, and Health Care. It seeks to train students to emphasize on quantitative analysis involving the conceptualization, design, creation, and delivery of services that would lead to high service levels as well as minimal waste in time, money, materials, and energy.

Skills Required

Applicants must have a high interest and proficiency in mathematics, and comfortable in using computers.

Course Description

The course offerings are divided into major course and minor courses. The main difference between BS IME-IT and BS IME-SM only exist in the minor courses:

Major Course Description

All major courses under the BS IME-SM program are the same courses taken up by the BS IE student except for the electives.

Minor Course Description for BSIME-SM

SERVENG Management of Service Operations
3 units

The course introduces the students to the activities involved in the design and management of service systems. The impact and importance of services on a nation’s economy is emphasized. Concepts and tools in measuring and achieving service quality are discussed. Moreover, similarities and differences between traditional manufacturing management and service management techniques are tackled.

Pre-requisite : PRCIEE (Hard)
Pre-requisite to : RESTOPN(Co), RETMANT(Soft), FINASER(Soft), HEALCAR(Soft), BUSSPRO (Soft)

RESTOPN Management of Food Service Systems
2 units

The course introduces the students to the activities involved in the operation and management of organizations in food service industry, and the different applications of industrial engineering in this industry.

Pre-requisite : SERVENG (Co)
Pre-requisite to : NONE

RETMANT Retail Management
2 units

Retail management for Industrial Engineers covers a broad overview of the retail operations and introduces the students to the activities in the design and management of retail systems. The course deals with retail strategy, retailing facility and location design, merchandising and inventory management, retail organization, supply chain management and retail information systems.

Pre-requisite : SERVENG (Soft)
Pre-requisite to : NONE

FINASER Introduction to Banking Industry
2 units

The course focuses on the operations of banking and its related problems. This course will also discuss trends and challenges in the industry.

Pre-requisite : SERVENG (Soft)
Pre-requisite to : NONE

BUSSPRO Business Process Outsourcing
2 units

This course focuses on managing a call center and its related problem such as manpower scheduling, forecasting and planning of resources. Students will analyze the call center industry of the Philippines and identify IE tools that may be used in managing the call center.

Pre-requisite : SERVENG (Soft)
Pre-requisite to : NONE

HEALCAR Introduction to Healthcare Management
2 units

The course primarily focuses on managing health care system. Issues, problems and techniques related to planning of resources, service improvement, controlling of health care costs, etc. Likewise, this course will also discuss trends and challenges in the industry.

Pre-requisite : SERVENG (Soft)
Pre-requisite to : NONE

Career Options

Aside from being able to pursue a career as an Industrial Engineer, Operations Research Analyst, Inventory Control Analyst, Facilities Engineer, Ergonomics Auditor and Analyst, Methods Engineer, Production and Warehouse Managers, Production and Operations Manager, Quality Control Officers, Supply Chain Analyst, and Human Resource Officer, graduates of this program are to have a career or become entrepreneurs in Restaurant Services, Selling and Retail Operations, Call Center Operations, Health Care Management, Public Administration and Services, and Airport Operations Management.