Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management
Degree Codes: Program- BSMKT Plan- BSMKT

The program is designed to develop students for entrepreneurial or corporate work in marketing management and for them to be trainable for higher responsibilities in the same firm. The students are taught the theories and concepts in the classroom, and then they are given training on the practical aspects of the various areas of marketing by exposure to actual work situations through assignments in organizations (either for profit or non-profit). Students are assigned to research on specific marketing topics, and their findings through interviews with marketing practitioners are presented in class. Finally, the Studentsare able to integrate all their learning’s in the major courses in Practicum Program where they work for 300 hours (during their last term) in a firm earlier qualified and approved by the department. For this purpose, a final paper in the form of a Marketing Plan, a Service Plan or a Research Study ensures that the graduate in the Marketing Management Program is prepared to undertake managerial type of marketing work here in the Philippines or in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Marketing Management student should be able to complete 171 academic units, and 12 non-academic units in the span of 10 terms culminating with an On-the-job Training/Thesis Writing Trimester.

Course Descriptions

Principles and Techniques of Print and Non-Traditional Advertising (MARKAD1)
3 units
A course covering the principles and techniques of advertising in the printed media like newspapers,  magazines and journals,  and in non-traditional media like direct mail,  outdoor,  point of purchase,  brochures,  leaflets,  etc.  An overview of advertising agency operations is presented focusing on  account management,  creative,  and media services.

  • Prerequisite:  MARKCU1

Principles and Techniques of Broadcast Advertising (MARKAD2)
3 units
A course covering the principles and techniques of advertising in the electronic media which are radio and television as well as other audio-visual types of advertising like cinema and skycable.  Viewpoint of the creative department of the advertising agency is taken and how it coordinates with the rest of the department of the agency.  As a pre-requisite,  students develop an actual broadcast advertising campaign for a hypothetical/real product or service.

  • Prerequisite:  MARKAD1

Consumer Behavior/Research Application (MARKCU1)
3 units
A course dealing with  a thorough understanding of the consumer the principal reason for the development of a product.  The course covers in-depth study of his needs,  motivations,  attitudes as well as environmental influences related to his behavior and decision to purchase goods or services.  The research application portion of this course will require students to conduct an actual research study on one aspect of consumer behavior through surveys,  focused group discussion,  or other data gathering methods adopted by marketing organizations.

  • Prerequisite: MARKRES,  COMSTA2

Marketing  Practicum (MARKCU2)
3 units
A 300-hour field exposure of graduating Marketing students (in groups of four) in selected and approved business companies in Metro Manila,  to familiarize them on the application of Marketing principles theories,  concepts and  practices.  Required output is a Marketing Plan,  Service Plan,  or a Research Study which the group will defend before a panel of faculty and industry practitioners.  Quality of the contents of the output must be equal to that of thesis.  Passing a qualifying exam in Marketing Management will be a requirement before enrollment in the course.

  • Prerequisite: MARKPRO

Marketing Principles (MARKETI)
3 units
An introduction to the basic principles of marketing,  covering the determination and analysis of demands of a market,  ways of satisfying  the needs of consumer with specific products or services through the marketing management process,  which includes the basics of the marketing mix (Product,  Price,  Place,  & Promotion).  The social responsibilities of business are given special emphasis within the context of marketing.

  • Prerequisite: BUSORGA

International Marketing (MARKNAL)
3 units
A course designed to expose the students to worldwide marketing.  It includes the study of the significance,  the underlying concepts and theories,  world environment and business opportunities,  strategic functions,  and marketing mix,  of Global Marketing.  Linkages with CITEM,  PTTC,  and other government-supported international trade offices have been established by the Marketing Management Department to assist students in their study.  Interviews with global companies and foreign embassies in the Philippines are required of students;  their written output after presentation and discussion in class becomes their term paper.

  • Prerequisite: MARKCU1

Distribution System and Cost Analysis (MARKOST)
3 units
A course aimed at knowing the different types of middlemen in the channels of distribution,  how each one can best serve specific consumers through the physical distribution functions to be performed.  Emphasis is on the different costs involved in the distribution of products from the point of production  to the point off consumption through the various marketing intermediaries.  Analyses of costs  of distribution are skills learned in the course.  Students are required to make a study of the distribution system of a corporation by interviewing a firm belonging to the top 1000 corporations of the Philippines.

  • Prerequisite:QUATECH,  MARKCU1

Product Management (MARKPRO)
3 units
A course on product planning and development.  The study covers all functions involved in the formulation of product policies and the development of a marketing plan.  The plan includes the elements of product and product design,  principles and techniques of branding,  labeling,  standardization,  quality control,  introduction of new products,  modification or elimination of old ones.  It also covers the strategies for pricing,  advertising,  sales promotion,  distribution,  publicity,  and social responsibility.  This subject serves as the integrating course for Marketing Management majors.  The skills acquired in strategic marketing planning through the preparation of a Marketing Plan will enable the student to venture into a product or brand management career.

  • Prerequisite: MARKSAM,  MARKOST

Public Relations (MARKPUB)
3 units
A course aimed at familiarizing students with the different techniques and tools of developing  effective relations with the various publics and organization (for profit or non-profit) deals with.  It covers principles and practices  of public relations and the position and functions of PR in the overall marketing communications program of the company.  An actual PR program for a product,  for a company,  for an individual,  for an association,  or for a country is developed in class.

  • Prerequisite: MARKCU1

Marketing Research 1 (MARKRES)
3 units
A course designed to expose the students to the use of different kinds of information necessary to help formulate marketing policies and decisions.  Emphasis  is on methodology and the systematic gathering,  recording,  analyzing,  and interpreting of data imperative to decision making.  This course covers the essentials of  the research study on markets,  products,  pricing,  distribution,  and promotions (through advertising,  sales promotion,  personal selling,  and/or publicity).

  • Prerequisite: MARKETI,  COMSTA1

Sales Management (MARKSAM)
3 units
A course on the principles of salesmanship and sales management functions.  The subject covers familiarization of students on the skills and techniques of an effective salesperson.  It also covers the functions and methods of recruiting,  selecting,  training,  motivating,  equipping,  compensating,  controlling,  and supervising salesmen.  A 100-hour practicum in a firm is expected to expose the student to actual selling activities either in an office setting or in the field.

  • Prerequisite: MARKCU1

Marketing of Services (MARKSER)
3 units
A course designed to train students on the application of basic marketing principles,  including the marketing management process (which covers the 4 P’s),  on the marketing of services in the Philippine environment.  The course is timely since there is a proliferation of service-oriented organization both private and public,  profit or non-profit,  in the areas of communication,  pre-need plans like educational plans,  health care/medical,  hotels,  recreational,  management consultancy,  banking,  etc.

Actual hands-on projects are required of students,  to learn the application of the theories and concepts of marketing for service-oriented organizations.

  • Prerequisite: MARKOST