Bachelor of Arts in International Studies,
Major in Chinese Studies Program (AB-IS)

Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, Major in Chinese Studies Program (AB-ISC) aims to equip students with practical knowledge of China’s history, its foreign relations, its economy, the nuances of its business culture, and the Chinese language. The design of the program enables students to become aware of the roots of China’s emerging power and strength, to understand what motivates China’s domestic and foreign policies, to appreciate the differences between China’s business culture and that of the West, and to lay the foundations of a functional understanding of the Chinese language (21 units of Mandarin). The overarching objective of this is to equip future entrepreneurs and captains of industry with the skills to identify opportunities for business within China. In addition, it seeks to equip practitioners and scholars of international relations with an understanding of Chinese strategic goals and state behavior to allow the Philippines to capitalize on its relationship with the People’s Republic.

Career Option

Those who choose to pursue the AB-ISC program can expect a productive career in the private sector, either as entrepreneurs or professionals doing business with China. The program is also designed to provide the necessary functional skills to graduates who might want to pursue a career in mainland China. In the academe, graduates can either pursue a career in teaching or as a policy expert on Chinese affairs. Those who opt for the latter can work in think tanks both the in the academe and the private sector. Further careers may be found in the public sector, such as at the Department of Foreign Affairs or the Department of Trade and Industry. Graduates may also elect to join international organizations as research analysts, or as staff members in non-government organizations doing research on Chinese policy. Moreover, graduates can specialize in trade, marketing, advertising, entrepreneurship, finance, and management when Chinese Studies is combined with a business course through the LIA-COM program of De La Salle University.

Updated: July 25, 2013