Online Courses

Electronic communication has reduced the world into a global village. The speed of information exchange between distant locations is in real time. Most higher learning institutions worldwide operate in the online environment to educate students and professionals alike.

At present, DLSU-Manila’s Center for Educational Multimedia (CREM) trains faculty members in the proper use of the Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE).

Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE)

In collaboration with the National University of Singapore, De La Salle University’s CREM provides faculty members the online learning system IVLE. This is an innovative program that enhances and complements teaching by making courses available on the Web. It allows the creation of course calendar, discussion forum, distribution list, lecture plan, chat room, subscription services, assignment repositories, staff homepages and a frequently-asked question builder. Through IVLE, teachers can post lesson plans, give and collect assignments online and provide links to relevant web sites. Students can even take tests online which are automatically corrected by the program. IVLE was initially shared by DLSU with the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) in 2000.