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CCSThe use of computers has affected all aspects of society – be it in business, government, education, entertainment, or the sciences – making computer science and information technology an interesting, challenging, and exciting field. As the use of computers becomes more widespread, the complexity of software and the demands and expectations of its users increase. Thus, there is a need for competent IT professionals who are willing to take on the challenge of developing the rapidly evolving technology.

The College of Computer Studies is for those who can take on the challenge of this constantly innovating field of study. The college dares inquisitive minds that have a true passion to explore the possibilities and open the doors of opportunities through the power of technology.


We are a community of scholars imbued with Christian values who have the passion to contribute to national development and social well-being.  We are committed to creating and sharing knowledge in Computer Science and ICT as the premiere educational institution in Southeast Asia, recognized globally as the Philippine benchmark for quality education and research.


We nurture the academic community in a culture that develops the total person.
We hone leaders in technical, professional and entrepreneurial domains and train them to adapt to fast-changing technologies and environments.  We take the lead in the innovation of new technologies and their applications through cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art learning infrastructure.  We pursue opportunities for immersion, consulting, and technology commercialization, working closely with our partners in industry, government, and academe. 

We inspire each one to fervently work for the common good, and help those in need, especially the poor and the marginalized.

Graduate Programs Offered

Master in Information Technology (MIT) (pdf/74kb)
The Master in Information Technology (MIT) program combines knowledge in organizational systems, information security, information management, and service management. Based on a multidisciplinary curriculum, the program shall equip professionals with the necessary tools, knowledge, skill requirements, and understanding of the latest technologies that are being used in today’s businessorganizational environment. The program also addresses the behavioral, managerial and technical aspects of ICT in organizational systems.

Master of Science in Information Technology (MS-IT) (pdf/75kb)
The Masters of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) Program aims to provide students with advanced knowledge of Information Technology concepts, techniques, principles, and methodologies, and develop in them skills in using Information Technology to provide solutions to problems of organizations and society. Some of the fields that can be explored under this discipline are e-governance, e-learning, e-commerce, data mining, data warehousing, database management, multimedia systems, information theory, information security, and resource management.

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science (PhDCS) (pdf/77kb)
The Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science (PhDCS) Program is designed to train students to conduct independent research in Computer Science. Courses are organized around a specialized research area to provide the student with the ability to publish in national and international refereed scientific venues in his/her chosen field of specialization.

Doctor in Information Technology (DIT) (pdf/71kb)
The Doctor in Information Technology program is designed to equip candidates with knowledge and skills needed to become agents for societal and organizational change through the planning, management, and implementation of IT in a theoretically grounded, relevant, innovative, critical, and ethical manner.

The course seeks to bridge practice and theory and develop professionals who can link social and organizational knowledge, technical expertise, and ethics. Emphasis is placed on preparing students to understand, plan, and manage IT interventions in business, educational, and government settings.

Successful candidates can become policy makers, chief information officers, expert lecturers or researchers, and heads of organizations.

Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) (pdf/72kb)
The Master of Science in Computer Science was established to develop skills in conducting research and further studies at the doctoral level by giving professionals intensive training to undertake high-­‐level research in Computer Science. It provides students with theoretical and underlying principles of computation on various areas of computer science. Candidates’ understanding of these and their proficiency and style in written and oral communication are primarily attested to by the successful completion and defense of a master’s thesis.

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