Physics Department


St. Josepth Hall

St. Joseph Hall, home of the Department of Physics

Physics deals with the fundamental laws of nature, and forms the backbone of scientific knowledge. Because physics majors are trained to solve problems with a minimum of assumptions and using only the most fundamental principles, physicists are valued for their ability to solve novel problems that usually require innovative solutions. The development of technology in the past century has demonstrated that more often than not, the technology of tomorrow starts with Physics today.

Fabrication and characterization of nanomaterials

Fabrication and characterization of
nanomaterials is one of
the forefront researches of
the department

Aside from their output of scientific knowledge, physicists are also recognized for their mathematical analytical skills. During the past decade, physicists have proven their usefulness in the financial capitals of the world, by bringing the mathematical machineries that they typically use in solving physical problems to solve problems in economics and finance. The year 1997 saw the emergence of a subdiscipline of physics called Econophysics or alternatively, Financial Physics. This is another example of how input from one discipline proved to be fruitful for another discipline. Already, because graduate programs in Economics departments in developed countries prefer applicants from courses with a lot of mathematics - such as physics - their programs are increasingly populated by those with background in physics.

Because the world is complex, problems in the workplace require varied solutions. The combination of skills and knowledge you have acquired from different disciplines will be your distinct mark and your comparative advantage. And your ability to bring together this combination of skills and knowledge in problem solving essentially determines your usefulness to your organization.

The De La Salle University-Manila Physics Department is recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as a Center of Excellence.