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Today is Sunday, October 04, 2015

College of Science

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Physics Department

Message from the Physics Department Head

Mr. Gil Nonato Santos Dr. Gil Nonato G. Santos, head of the Physics Department
Welcome to DLSU Physics Department!

"Imagination is better than knowledge" - Einstein

This phrase is straightforward. But how many know that imagination is really better than knowledge? When Einstein formulated E = mc2, one would think on how he created this simple but profound equation that change 20th century science and technology. He must be good in imagining things and can see the future.

Newton. Maxwell. Schrödinger. Bohr. Feynman. Hawking? What are their similarities?  They are geniuses and they are physicists who have changed our perceptions of how things work in the universe. Come and follow the
footsteps of a genius. Come and explore the how and why of everyday
phenomena. Come and study physics with us.

You don't have to be a genius to study the works of these geniuses. You only need common sense, a certain competence in mathematics, and, most importantly, curiosity about the world about you. That means Imagination! We provide the rest.

The Physics Department at De La Salle University is a dynamic group of physicists and physics educators offering research opportunities in Material Science, Biomedical physics, Theoretical physics, LIDAR, Solid State Physics, Computational Materials Design, Optics and Instrumentation, and Physics Education. We seek to involve students in research efforts at all levels, from undergraduate majors through graduate students in our Bachelor of Science in Physics with specialization in medical instrumentation, material science, economics or finance, pre-med physics, Master of Science in Physics, and PhD in Physics programs.

We can't promise that you will rival with Einstein or Hawking in fame. But we can promise you an amazing and enriching experience in achieving a deep understanding of physics and pretty good employment prospects as well. Come study physics with us.

Dr. Gil Nonato G. Santos
Chair, Department of Physics
De La Salle University