Undergraduate Programs


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BS ME)

Mechanical Engineering is one of the broadest professions. The women and men in the mechanical engineering profession work in almost every industry, in private practice, in government, in medicine, in law, and in universities. Mechanical engineers touch almost every aspect of technology. They create machines, products and technological systems that benefit society. Their work can take them around the world - anywhere there are machines, there are mechanical engineers.

The Mechanical Engineering program in DLSU is among the most advanced and up-to-date ME programs in the country in line with the demands of the information age. It is fully complemented by a highly effective faculty, up-to-date teaching facilities - laboratory, computers and Internet, and library facilities, research orientation through the thesis program, and underscored by relevant industrial practice through the Industry-Academe Linkage. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) bestowed the Center of Excellence award on this program for two straight years.



Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Honors Program (BS-MS/ME)

With Asia-Pacific Economic Council’s (APEC) agenda to liberalize professional services and the increasing market demand for professionals with postgraduate studies, the Mechanical Engineering Department proposes a B.S. Honors/M.S. Program in mechanical engineering to graduate globally competitive mechanical engineers. The proposed program would allow students to graduate in five year instead of six years and one term duration for a regular B.S. and M.S. programs.


The Mechanical Engineering Department proposes the above B.S. Honors/M.S. program for the following reasons:
To attract more bright and promising high school students into the mechanical engineering program of De La Salle University.
To motivate students to strive for academic excellence.
To further improve the quality of mechanical engineering graduates.
To further enhance the competitive advantage of mechanical engineering graduates of De La Salle University in the job market.
To reduce the number of years of study in obtaining a B.S. and M.S. degrees.

Acceptance to the BS/MS Honors Program is decided at the end of the junior year. The minimum CGPA is 3.0 and the minimum grade in all Math, Engineering Science, and Professional Courses is 2.0. Upon entry into the program, students must continue to satisfy these criteria at the end of each academic term; failure to do so will result in the student being returned to the regular BS Mechanical Engineering track.