Program History

The De La Salle University – College of Engineering has been offering engineering programs since 1947. One of the first engineering degrees granted was B.S. in mechanical engineering which was given government recognition in 1952.

The Mechanical Engineering program in DLSU is among the most advanced and up-to-date ME programs in the country in line with the demands of the information age. It is fully complemented by a highly effective faculty, up-to-date teaching facilities - laboratory, computers and Internet, and library facilities, research orientation through the thesis program, and underscored by relevant industrial practice through the Industry-Academe Linkage. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) bestowed the Center of Excellence award on this program for two straight years.

DLSU ME students undergo very extensive training in the use of Computer-Aided Drafting/Design, in particular the use of AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, and ANSYS. The ME curriculum is always updated to emphasize two main areas of concentration in the final year – Mechatronics and Energy & Sustainability.

  • Mechatronics. Mechatronics is an integration of mechanical, electronics, computer, and controls engineering. The key mechatronic areas include sensors and instrumentation systems, drives and actuators, and computer-aided engineering design.

  • Energy & Sustainability. The area of Energy and Sustainability integrates the knowledge acquired in the fields of thermal, fluid, and environmental sciences, power engineering, economics and management. The job opportunities for mechanical engineers are outstanding. This means greater opportunities to do interesting work and the flexibility to do the work you like to do. Since machines and mechanical systems are almost everywhere, mechanical engineers can usually find employment where they want to live.

The training provided by the program prepares the students in various career options in industry, academia and government. The fields of practice include operations, maintenance, installation, testing, research and development, design, consulting, management, sales, marketing, and teaching.

Through activities hosted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers-International and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, the students are given opportunities for international exposure thereby preparing them for global practice of ME.

The ME Department is consistently recognized by CHED as a Center of Excellence.