Electronics Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering is the largest department in the Gokongwei College of Engineering at De La Salle University. Currently, the department has eighteen academic personnel, one non-academic personnel, and eight support personnel providing technical, professional and administrative services. Different laboratories have been established for each area of specialization. A number of specialized modern research equipment was acquired from the Department of Science and Technology through Engineering and Science Education Program. The equipment is used by the personnel and students for research and development.

The Research Center of the Department will also provide consultancy services to industry, it also conduct industrially relevant researches. During the starting phase, the Center will identify research areas which have elements of research, service, and development. The results from the research in an identified area should be available as a service to our local industry. Aside from undertaking collaborative research projects with industry, the Research Center of the ECE department also aims to train industry-oriented researchers and engineers through seminars or short course training.


The Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering offers Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) and Computer Engineering (CpE) programs. The department envisions the ECE and CpE graduates as competent and ethical professional in the area they have chosen.  For the ECE, the areas are in Electronics, Communications, and Digital Signal Processing.  For the CpE, the areas are in Embedded Systems, Computer Hardware Architecture, Computer Networks, Multimedia Systems and Machine Learning.


The Mission of the Electronic and Communication Engineering Department is to mold and nurture ECE and CpE professional engineers  with strong sense of nationalism and who are highly competent in various field of electronics, communications and computer such as telecommunications, broadcasting and other communications engineering technologies; industrial electronics  and instrumentation; semiconductor applications, manufacture and test engineering; systems analysis and controls engineering, software and hardware engineering, especially the students, towards becoming:

  1. Professionals living the La Sallian values of Religio, Mores and Cultura;
  2. Professionals committed to the improvement of the Filipino’s quality of life;
  3. Professionals devoted to the standards and dignity of the ECE and CpE professions; and
  4. Professionals with a strong sense of nationalism responding to needs of the country and its people.


The ECE department currently has five major research areas: electronics system, communications system, digital signal processing, computing and information technology and embedded system.