Undergraduate Programs

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Chemical Engineering is one of the oldest fields in engineering. It has been offered by De La Salle University continuously since it was established in 1947 along with three other traditional engineering fields namely, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, in line with the government’s drive towards economic and industrial development of the Philippines.

With the current and future growth of the chemical industry, well-trained Chemical Engineers will be in great demand. The Department of Chemical Engineering is greatly concerned with this national problem and has geared itself to offer better and more advanced educational standards.

The Chemical Engineering curriculum aims to develop knowledge and skills that will prepare students for leadership in the practice of the chemical engineering profession. Besides providing a firm foundation in the basic engineering and physical sciences, with non-technical courses in arts and management, the program trains students for further specialization in dynamic chemical engineering sub-areas such as: Industrial Process Control, Environmental Engineering, Biotechnology, and Energy Engineering.

Starting with AY 2008-2009, the Chemical Engineering program requires that the set of electives be geared towards a career track or field of specialization. The career tracks include Environmental Management, Energy Engineering, and Biotechnology.

  1. Environmental Management Track
    Air Pollution Control
    Hazardous Waste Management
    Pinch Technology (Mass Pinch)
    Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

  2. Energy Engineering Track
    Renewable Energy Technologies
    Pinch Technology (Heat Pinch)
    Clean Coal Technology

  3. Biotechnology Track
    Molecular Biology
    Enzyme Technologies
    Environmental Biotechnology

Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Chemical Engineering Honors Program (BS-MS CHE)

The BS/MS Honors Program in Chemical Engineering is a five-year degree designed for students with exceptional academic and research aptitude. The student is awarded both BS Chemical Engineering and MS Chemical Engineering degrees upon completion of all academic requirements. The first three years of study are identical to those of the regular BS Chemical Engineering program. At the end of the junior year, qualified students may opt to enter the program. Students already in the honors program may likewise return to the regular BS track if they fail to meet the program standards.

Acceptance to the BS/MS Honors Program is decided at the end of the junior year. The minimum CGPA is 3.0 and the minimum grade in all Math, Engineering Science, and Professional Courses is 2.0. Upon entry into the program, students must continue to satisfy these criteria at the end of each academic term; failure to do so will result in the student being returned to the regular BS Chemical Engineering track.