Marketing Management



The De La Salle University Marketing Management Department envisions itself as the country’s first choice source of BS and MS graduates in the marketing and advertising professions who will make significant and important contributions to industry and the continuously changing social fabric of the country.

It is also the reservoir of competent professional consultants who bridge the gap between the academe and industry. The faculty foresees its development into an industry research-based and practical source of strategy and expertise in the various marketing fields.

It is committed to the unrelenting pursuit of excellence in teaching and research through the use of state-of-the-art technology, through the constant development and implementation of innovative academic programs that are attuned to the changing needs of Southeast Asia, and through the continuous enhancement of the academic and professional credentials, teaching skills, and research capabilities of the faculty.


Guided by the Vision, the DLSU Marketing Department is committed:

  • to train the student in the art and science of marketing and advertising to prepare them for careers in government, industry, and academe;
  • to produce skilled and morally upright professionals aware of the social situation around them and execute their duties in their jobs with integrity, honesty, and with Christian values;
  • to continuously improve in the expertise practiced through rigorous and continuous theoretical and empirical research and to share this knowledge with students and other professionals;
  • to value the contributions to the marketing department made by individuals and groups in or out of the department to create a multi-disciplinary and growing body of knowledge that would provide a firm and well-rounded foundation for the learner;
  • to reflect through behavior and demeanor both in and out the university, St. John Baptist de La Salle’s charism, to be loyal to the university and its tenets, and to endeavor to bcome a model of virtue and integrity;
  • to be truly at the disposal of God and Country in whatever capacity and to execute this duty without reservation or condition.

Advertising Management

The proposed major program aims to provide manpower to the advertising or advertising-related industry. It shall offer marketing communications companies particularly advertising agencies a dedicated, properly trained, skilled, and value oriented advertising professional who can work in the area of account management, creative, production, media, and marketing services. The experiential skills the student will undergo shall hopefully minimize the huge cost of training an unprepared advertising employee. The program's graduates shall be the university's contribution to the roster of talents the industry constantly looks for.