Decision Sciences and Innovation Department envisions itself: to be Asia’s leading school in entrepreneurship and business analytics through interdisciplinary approach.


Decision Sciences and Innovation Department aim to bridge faith and business practice in the education of future-mappers and scenario builders for a sustainable future.

Guided by the Vision and Mission, the Department is committed:

  • to excel in teaching entrepreneurship, business management and interdisciplinary studies through the constant development, refinement and implementation of undergraduate programs, curricula responsive to the needs of the society and challenges of emerging global trends and through the pioneering development and implementation of world-class graduate and post graduate programs in entrepreneurship, business management and interdisciplinary studies;
  • to insinuate quality business research activities through the continuous enhancement of the research capabilities of its faculty; and
  • to serve as a resource for the community in molding socially-responsible future entrepreneurs and business mappers through the ethical application of socially accepted business concepts and practices.


Decision Sciences and Innovation Department aims:

  • to train young men and women to become entrepreneurs or business managers who are well prepared for careers in public practice, commerce and industry, government, and academe;
  • to undertake research in interdisciplinary research in business, entrepreneurship and related fields that will advance the frontiers of knowledge, improve the conduct of business, enhance management of the economy, and promote the development of the nation and Asia-Pacific region;
  • to augment the quality of entrepreneurship and management education through the rigorous training of faculty members and through the promotion of research and dissemination of research findings; and
  • to provide expert advice in entrepreneurship and business management to the government, the business sector, socio-civic organizations, and international organizations in order to promote national development.

Contact Information

Decision Sciences & Innovation Department
Faculty Center, 2nd Floor
2401 Taft Avenue
1004 Manila, Philippines

Tel. Nos.: (632) 524-4611 loc 134 (trunk line)
(632) 5360267 (direct line)
E-mail:DSI Chairperson