Commercial Law

The Accounting program prepares students for careers in accounting and related fields, and makes them ready to deal effectively with the problems they will face as professional accountants and responsible citizens. The program aims to develop the qualities that enhance the student's professional competence, awareness of his responsibilities to society and appreciation of an accountant's high standard of integrity and objectivity.



The Commercial Law Department is committed to provide excellent Legal Management program that would shape socially and legally responsible business leaders who would lead the church and the nation in the achievement of a better life for Filipinos.


The Commercial Law Department envisions itself to offer a world class education in Legal Management that will enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of students.  With the end view of producing socially responsible business leaders in the future, the Commercial Law Department endeavors to educate its students in the theory and Practice of Business and in the application of legal Principles.  It aims to develop among its students better understanding of the legal framework against which business decisions are made both in public and private sector.  Further it would pursue to equip the students with knowledge, information and skills that will help them cope with the complex legal frameworks that affect today’s business environment.  The quality of learning is strengthened by: experiences, such as cases, internships, professional business seminars; use of the state of the art technology and a faculty committed to professional development and research.

More Info about the Commercial Law Department

Intended to provide employment opportunities and at the same time be an ideal preparation for admission to the College of Law, the Commercial Law Program introduces students to the many facets of Philippine Law, substantive and procedural, with Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Labor and Social Legislation such as fields of concentration, complemented by basic subjects in Business Management designed to equip students with general principles of management and business policies. The program offers students in business as they are to undergo Legal Internship in their last term. In essence, Commercial Law approximates a paralegal academic program.