Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business


The vision is for the De La Salle University to be the premiere business school of the country.

Attributes of the premiere business school

  1. GRADUATES of the school will be Lasallian professionals who are technically competent, humanistic, socially responsible and sustainability- oriented business managers, and leaders as befits products of a Lasallian and Catholic institution

  2. RESEARCH of the school will positively influence management practice and public policy in business & management.These products will contribute to the development of the country.

    Because of the products and impacts of the business school, it will be the:

  3. SCHOOL OF CHOICE for STUDENTS who aspire to become sought-after, well rounded professional, business managers and, effective entrepreneurs

  4. SCHOOL OF CHOICE for FACULTY who want to contribute to the country's development by helping form the next generation of business and, produce leading edge business knowledge relevant to today's national and global challenges

  5. SCHOOL OF CHOICE for PARENTS who believe in the quality of Lasallian Education for their children

  6. SCHOOL OF CHOICE for EMPLOYERS from BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY who need well-equipped business managers who can manage company growth while meeting the growing obligations of business in today's world


Contact Information

Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business
G/F Faculty Center
2401 Taft Avenue
1004 Manila, Philippines

Office of the Dean
Email: dean.cob@dlsu.edu.ph
Tel. Nos.: (632)524-46-11 local 130 (trunk line)
Telefax No.: (632)536-02-61 (direct line)

Office of the Vice Dean, Undergraduate
Tel. Nos.: (632)524-46-11 local 131 (trunk line)
Telefax No.: (632)524-04-89 (direct line)

Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Tel. Nos.: (632) 524-46-11 local 117 (trunk line)
Telefax No.: (632) 523-42-95 (direct line)