College of Liberal Arts Philosophy Department

The Department of Philosophy seeks to stir the student's intellectual curiosity and to provide him/her with the tools for critical analysis. The course program gives the student a balanced view of nature and the human being.

The Department curriculum provides the student with the unique chance to design his/her own program upon completion of the basic courses in philosophy, psychology, ethics, and theology. In order to produce a diverse group of graduates, the Department offers a wide range of electives that vary from Ancient Greek Thought to Asian Philosophy.


The Philosophy department cultivates compassionate and dynamic individuals who are capable of translating their philosophical insights into actions that benefit the world and humanity.


The Philosophy Department promotes open-mindedness, critical thinking, intellectual honesty and integrity.  It exposes the students to different schools of thought, both Western and Eastern, regarding the self, the mind, the world and the Numinous.  It encourages the students to question all inherited beliefs and ideas so that they may arrive freely at their own wisdom, while realizing the self as both introspective and intersubjective, thus giving way to a more meaningful life.


The Philosophy Department aims to:

  • instill in students the open-minded, reflective, and critical attitude
  • provide them with a panoramic view of the different schools of thought and traditions in Philosophy
  • impress upon them the values of intellectual humility and genuine dialogue
  • encourage independence of thought as a path toward a more meaningful life, while being guided by this vision of adventurous inquiry.

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