Behavioral Sciences Department

Cognizant of the mission of De La Salle University as a leading Catholic educational institution and the goals of the College of Liberal Arts as a center of excellence for teaching and research in the humanities and the social sciences, the Behavioral Sciences Department (BSD) is committed to pursue and promote the values of academic excellence, quality research and scholarship, integrity, respect for the individual, collegiality, participatory processes and social responsibility.

The BSD aims to produce professionals who are able to critically comprehend, integrate, and apply the perspectives and skills of social psychology, sociology and anthropology in the development of human resources and management of change in organizations, communities and institutions.

In addition to exemplifying the core attributes of Lasallian graduates, BSD majors are informed about, sensitive to, and appreciative of, individual and socio-cultural differences. They are well-grounded in the research process for sound decision-making and program management. Finally, they are holistic and integrative in orientation and practice.

Graduates may engage in management, training, research and evaluation vis-à-vis the needs and challenges of business and industry, government, non-government and people's organizations. They may also engage in the formation of future social scientists.


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