Computer Technology

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The Computer Technology Department is a world-class academic center for robotics, digital signal processing, networking and data security, with a track record for innovation and commercialization. We are a part of a vibrant community that holds service to people, God and country as an all-encompassing goal.


The Department will pursue excellence in its academic programs through research and development, and, cognizant of the strength of multidisciplinary approaches, shall actively seek synergistic partnerships with industry and academe putting theory into practice creating reality from ideas.  We shall pursue our goals with professionalism, respect and responsibility to people and environment.

Goals and Objectives

BS Computer Science with Specialization in Network Engineering

The growing reliance of businesses and individuals on the Internet, as well as the large-scale interconnection of computer-based systems in today’s world gives rise to the need for individuals who possess the skills and knowledge of designing, managing and securing multi-platform corporate and service provider computer networks. The Network Engineering program answers this need with a program that combines a Computer Science curriculum and a Cisco Networking Academy training program. Graduates of this program have the necessary hard and soft skills to be highly productive in industry, and are highly eligible to pursue careers as network engineers, network administrators, network security administrators, network designers, firmware developers, network analysts, and network auditors. 

BS Computer Science with Specialization in Computer Systems Engineering

The Computer System Engineering (CSE) program combines a computer science curriculum with selected subjects in computer engineering, combining synergistically the power of digital computers with analog electronics, electromechanical systems and computer software. Curriculum tracks specializing in embedded systems, mobile robotics, digital signal processing, and system automation are offered. With these, students in this program gain the knowledge of developing application-specific computer-based systems, with emphasis on real-time systems and automation. Computer System Engineering graduates can pursue careers as microprocessor systems designers, embedded system engineers, test engineers, and system software developers. Possessing excellent hard and soft skills, CSE graduates are ready to be productive individuals in the IT and allied industries.